Operational Principles

The principles that support the day-to-day operations of the Advocate for Children and Youth highlight the respect, value and dignity established in the relationship we have with our primary audience— the young people of Saskatchewan. We believe that all individuals, particularly children and youth, must be treated with respect, recognizing their inherent dignity as human persons.

Therefore, the employees of the Advocate will:

  • Act in accordance with The Advocate for Children and Youth Act.
  • Give priority to children and youth in all activities we undertake.
  • Deliver services that are respectful, appropriate, accessible, accountable, timely, lawful and consistent, irrespective of the child or youth’s location, circumstances, culture or background.
  • Respect the right to privacy of the child or youth, as well as of all other parties involved in the advocacy process.
  • Provide services that are consistent with principles of administrative fairness.
  • Act in accordance with the Advocate for Children and Youth Code of Conduct.