Children and Youth First Principles

In 2007, the Children’s Advocate developed a set of eight Guiding Principles intended to address the need to integrate and enhance a Children and Youth First commitment within all aspects of our service provision. These principles also reflect the core beliefs and values that we advance in all aspects of our work with government ministries and agencies, as well as with child and youth service sectors and care providers.

In response to a recommendation of our office, the Government of Saskatchewan adopted these principles in February 2009 as part of its plan to strengthen the province's child welfare system. It is hoped that the Government of Saskatchewan will fulfill its commitment to our youngest citizens by using the Principles as a mandatory guide for child-serving ministries to examine current and new legislation, policy, practices and programming.

Saskatchewan Children and Youth First Principles

A handout of these principles can be downloaded here


We believe that all children and youth in Saskatchewan are entitled to:

  • Those rights defined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Participate and be heard before any decision affecting them is made.
  • Have their ‘best interests’ given paramount consideration in any action or decision involving them.
  • An equal standard of care, protection and services.
  • The highest standard of health and education possible in order to reach their fullest potential.
  • Safety and protection from all forms of physical, emotional and sexual harm, while in the care of parents, governments, legal guardians or any person.
  • Be treated as the primary client, and at the centre, of all child serving systems.
  • Have consideration given to the importance of their unique life history and spiritual traditions and practices, in accordance with their stated views and preferences.