The Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth is Lisa Broda, who was appointed on November 4, 2019.

Lisa Broda, PhD is currently appointed as the Advocate for Children and Youth for the province of Saskatchewan. Dr. Broda holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan and brings nearly 30 years of experience in leadership, community engagement and research.

Prior to her work at the Advocate for Children and Youth Office, Dr. Broda held leadership roles within the provincial government and community, and has many professional highlights throughout her career, including receiving the Premier’s Award for Excellence in 2010.

She has extensively researched and worked in the field of children exposed to violence and suicide, intimate partner and domestic violence, and children’s rights. More recently, she has worked to advance children’s rights and to advocate for better service outcomes for Saskatchewan’s young people, leading and influencing change at the executive level in all ministries that serve children and youth.

Dr. Broda works collaboratively with ministries, stakeholders, communities, families, First Nations and Métis governments and agencies, and embraces Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and the principles of reconciliation personally, and in the work of the Advocate’s Office.

She is also currently serving as the President of the Canadian Council of Child and Youth Advocates and has led several initiatives within this role including presenting to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child and leading the research in the Council’s most recent report entitled, National Paper on Youth Suicide.

She has been a senior lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan for over two decades and dedicates herself to community involvement having served in several community leadership roles, most recently as the Chair of the Prairieaction Foundation.

Dr. Broda has spent considerable time in her career working with or on behalf of children and is passionate about ensuring the rights of all children are upheld and that young people are at the centre, supported to thrive and live to their full potential.