If you are in a crisis situation, we recommend contacting 911 or other appropriate child-serving crisis-related services, such as:

Ministry of Social Services – Child Protection phone lines:
Prince Albert  (North) 1‑866‑719‑6164
Saskatoon (Centre) 1‑800‑274‑8297
Regina (South) 1‑844‑787‑3760
A First Nations Child and Family Services agency in your area.
Contact information may be found here.
Prince Albert Mobile Crisis Unit
Phone 306.764.1011
Regina Mobile Crisis Services
Phone 306.757.0127
Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service
Phone 306.933.6200
Southwest Crisis Services
Phone 1.800.567.3334
or 306.778.3386
If you are concerned about a child’s situation that is not an emergency requiring 911, you can call another appropriate child serving service.
The Advocate for Children and Youth also wants to hear from anyone who has concerns about a child, youth or group of children or youth receiving services from a provincial ministry, agency or publicly funded health entity. Parents, extended family members, foster parents, social workers, professionals, Band officials and other interested parties can call on behalf of children and youth.
If you’re not sure we are the right place to call, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll do our best to assist by providing advocacy services or connecting you to the right resource. Workers may also call to consult, to ensure they are providing all rights and entitlements to young clients.
Call us: Toll-free 1-800-322-7221 or in Saskatoon (306) 933-6700.
Email us at: contact@saskadvocate.ca